What size collar should I get for my dog?

Dogs rely on their collars to stay safe and secure. A collar provides identification information in case your dog runs away, and it also keeps your dog on the leash during walks. However, a collar can only perform these functions if it fits your dog properly. A collar that is too loose may allow your dog to escape, while a collar that is too tight can cause injury. It is important to invest in a collar that fits your dog properly to ensure their safety. This will help ensure that your dog can enjoy their walks without any safety concerns.

Measuring your dog for a collar

To accurately measure your dog’s neck size for a collar, use a cloth measuring tape and wrap it around your dog’s neck at various points. Collars tend to lie at the bottom of the neck, so measuring that area will give you the most accurate measurement of the ideal collar size. Be sure to add about two inches to your measurements when choosing a collar size, as this will give your dog some extra room to move and breathe. Remember, it is best to choose a collar that is slightly too large, as it can always be adjusted to fit your dog better. It is not possible to make a collar longer, so a larger size allows for more flexibility in fitting.

Fitting your dog’s collar

When fitting a collar on your dog, it is important to ensure that it is not too tight or too loose. A properly fitting collar should be snug and allow your dog some room to move, but it should not press into your dog’s skin. To check the fit of your dog’s collar, place two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you can easily fit your fingers underneath the collar, it is too loose. If you have to force your fingers underneath the collar, it is too tight. Additionally, you should make sure that the collar cannot be slipped past your dog’s ears. If it can, it is too loose and should be tightened accordingly.

Collar Sizes

SizeAdjustable Length (approx)
Tiny10-15 cm (4-6″)
Extra Small15-22cm (6-9″)
Small22-30cm (9-12″)
Medium30-38cm (12-15″)
Medium-Large38-45cm (15-18”)
Large45-55cm (18-22″)
Extra Large55-63cm (22-25″)

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