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New in Store: Enamel Pendant Necklaces

New in Store: Enamel Pendant Necklaces

In jewellery making, enamel is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious colour – powdered glass you can apply with great precision onto silver, gold, copper, and other jewellery metals. With enamels, you can paint with a broad brush or add minute and elaborate detail to pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more. You can […]

New in Store: RM Williams Mens Shirts

RMW Mens Shirts - New in Store at

RM Williams believe that shirts should not only look and feel good, but that every detail should serve a purpose – not be there just for show. And the mens shirts now in stock at tommytwice are no exception. The guiding principles of the RM Williams menswear range are rugged elegance, functional durability and timeless […]

New in Store: Jack Daniels Hip Flask 6 Piece Gift Set

Jack Daniels 7oz Hip Flask 6 Piece Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift this winter? This Jack Daniels hip flask gift set is a handsome gift choice for any whiskey fan. There are plenty of times when a swig of your favourite tipple really hits the spot.  From providing some extra warmth on an invigorating winter hike to performing a pick-me-up at an evening […]

Accessories – making a good outfit great!

Enamel Pendant

While choosing the best style for your body shape is important, it is the way you wear it that will turn people’s heads. And the way you wear an ensemble includes teaming your outfit with the right accessories. Accessories help to make an outfit more interesting and are a great opportunity to show your creativity. […]